Customer profitability analysis

The marketing has different forms and all its forms have grown in accordance with the needs of the hour. There had been selling era in the past where everything was sold at a company’s will. But as the time progresses and customer have had more options to choose from, organizations switched to marketing. This is where the real test of marketing started. It has not seen any backlash since then and has progressed as a single most important factor of growth and development. Today marketing is considered as single most important factor in keeping the products of a company alive in the market place. The modern day marketing is used to do more than one task at the same time, it is used to make sales superfluous but developing good will of the company also remains at its disposal. The assessment of plans and strategies is also being done by the marketers.

The segmentation for example is one of the most commonly used phenomenons of modern marketing. It helps organizations target the audience in most sophisticated style. It also helps organizations assess whether or not they have remained successful in getting one job done or the other. The customer profitability is checked by assessing a specific segment in the lights of profits and sales. The customer profitability template is also being presented here. It is used to carve a real special assessment of a specific segment of the target market. One can use this stencil to carve a real special assessment of any segment of its market.

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Customer profitability analysis Template

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