Employee weekly status report

The employees are considered as one of the most important production factor for any organization. It is hard to think of production or efficiency by ignoring the employee factor. They are considered as resource for an organization and organizations are used to value them for their accomplishments. It is true that employees are vital for any organization but they had to be productive. They had to be on top of their performance and need to make things happen in real time. The organizations are used to make appraisals just to check whether their employees are performing to their potential or not. The organizations are used to keep an eye on their employee?s performance to ensure that they are paying for some reason. The smart organizations are used to keep track of their worker?s performance on more frequent basis.

The employees are checked on weekly basis instead of monthly or annual basis. It is logical to some extent when they are paying on weekly basis then why not they should check on weekly basis. The employee weekly status report is prepared by the human resource experts and is produced to the seniors. The employees checked against the duties they performed and the objective they could achieve. The weekly reporting is being made to assure that no one must be going off track in any case. The weekly status provides clear perception of the employees? working habits. The efficiency levels are also gets checked during this weekly reporting process. The ready made templates are generally been used by HR experts to carve such reporting stencils in swift basis.

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Employee weekly status report Template

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