Product reject report

The products are considered as source of income of any commercial entity. They are always developed after a lot of effort in the production unit. There are lots of efforts that are being taken beyond the assembly line. The market research and analysis is one of those efforts that are taken away from the production line. The product is developed after comprehensive market analysis. The planning is done prior to product launch and it is always tested before its introduction to entire market. The test sample however requires meeting the expectations of the client before it should be supported for the sale at larger scale. The products are launched after a lot of scrutiny and care but the chances of failure and rejection still prevails. The likelihood of being rejected remains there even if it is launched after a scrupulous search of the market place.

The product rejection takes place less often as successful launch is considered the fate of a product once top management is done with market analysis. But chances remains there and some time they turn to happenings. The product gets rejected at first phase of its launch sometimes it fails to grab the market share while it simply do not attracts on other occasions. The product reject report is prepared in all these instances. The report is presented to the senior management so that adjustments must be made in this regard. The project reject report template is hereby presented just to make it sure people should be able to carve a comprehensive report.

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Product reject report Template
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